All Filipinos are stupid idiots!

That’s what the most intelligent person in the world named Adam “Toyota” Carolla said on his podcast on April 3rd 2010. I must say, I hate this guy even before his comments against the Filipinos. But what can I say, he’s an idiot. All his jokes are not funny and most of them focuses on the subjects disabilities and makes fun of it. Like a fat person or a guy with a bad hair day for example. He talks like he’s not fat and there’s nothing wrong with his hair. All can I do is change the station and move on. If you don’t know Adam Carolla, you’re better of not knowing him at all. I’m telling you, it’s going to be a waste of your time and intellect.

Here are some of the things that he said in his podcast that infuriated me to the point where I had to spend time writing about it to tell him that, no, we Filipinos are not stupid idiots. You, yes you Mr. Adam Carolla is the one who is stupid. This is what I had to say about your racist joke that’s not even funny. Actually, it’s not even close to becoming a joke.

“Because he’s from the Philippines, because he’s praying to chicken bones, you got to respect him for his belief system? No you don’t! He’s a fuc*in idiot!”

“Here’s when you know your country don’t have a lot going for it. When it’s all about Manny Pacquiao.”

This is a classic example of a complete illiterate person. First of all, are you related to Manny Pacquiao that you’re absolutely sure he prays to chicken bones? No? Then how the hell did you know that he’s praying to chicken bones? Second of all, you call him an idiot because he didn’t agree with the idiotic demands of Floyd Mayweather. You are just jealous because you will never get a chance in your life to receive $25-$40 million dollars just by giving up blood. This is the difference between Filipinos and most Americans like you, we value pride and dignity more than money. We would rather turn down millions of dollars just to keep our pride and dignity intact. I bet for $100 you would give a pint of blood. So what’s wrong with our country being all about Manny Pacquiao? Why are you pointing out other peoples problems and you don’t even do anything about your problems here in America? Tell me, what did you do to make a difference in the current economic situation in your country besides complaining about it? Don’t tell me your lousy jokes help people get their jobs back, because you can’t even keep yours.

“What if Ray ‘Boom-Boom’ Mancini fights in the Philippines and that’s what all the United States was about? .. the United States would close down when he fights. He’d come back here. He’d run for president and everything would be Ray Boom-Boom Mancini mania. . Get a fuc*in life as a country!”

The Philippines is all about Manny Pacquiao because that’s all you hear about in the news. Why don’t you do some research and you’ll find out that there’s a lot going on over there even before Manny Pacquiao’s time. Now you tell us to get a fuc*ing life? How about you? I heard you just got fired from your job and now you’re just doing your podcast in your garage. Why don’t you get a real job where you help your country move forward. Explain to me, how can your garbage podcast be of help to  your country? Maybe that’s why you got fired because none of the “literate” Americans would want to waste their time listening to your sick jokes.

“All you fu**in got is just an illiterate guy who happens to smash other guys in the head better than other people?!”
“Really, you want some guy with brain damage running your country? Why don’t you get your sh*t together?”

This one is my favorite. You called Manny Pacquiao illiterate. In case you haven’t heard,  Manny is now a college graduate. How about you? I heard you were a high school drop out or something. With an average of 1.75GPA (isn’t it D+?) and you majored in ceramics? Now, what the hell is there with ceramics that you have to major it? Then it took you 7 years to get your high school diploma? You have got to be kidding me. To me, you’re more illiterate than Manny. Because you don’t like a person with brain damage running a country, but you yourself did it and still doing it as a profession. Here we have a person who is a high school drop out with a 1.75GPA who majored in a freaking ceramics, criticizing people, who are most likely smarter than him, and telling them what to do on his radio show or podcast. That’s pure idiocy to me. If you want to be a comedian, then tell a fuc*ing joke and concentrate on being funny. There’s nothing funny about what you said. If you think it’s funny, then I must be the best comedian ever when I say Americans like you are dumb and that the only difference between an average American like you and an average Filipino like Manny is that you are better in speaking english (because you were raised here, duh) but we’re smarter than you because we don’t need to dumb down a high school exit exam just to graduate. Don’t be calling someone stupid when in fact you’re more stupid than he is.

By the way, have you been in a hospital lately? Have you seen any Filipino nurses and doctors there? Yeah well, that’s because we Filipinos are not as stupid as you think we are. And don’t you make a case about Manny cannot speak good English, that’s because he wasn’t born here you idiot. How about you, can you speak tagalog? Actually, Manny is better than you. Because he knows 2 languages and 2 dialects and you don’t. You speak like you’ve worked so hard to be an American, no you don’t. You were just lucky you were born and raised here. If you trade places with Manny and you were born in a poor family in a poor country, I bet you, you would still be a bum and all you do is complain about why you were born a bum instead of striving to reach your dreams and to change your life and make history. And you know how I know that? Look at yourself right now, you’re an American and you speak fluent english and where are you at in life? You’re a bum comedian riding on someone else’s popularity to get ratings. Why aren’t you a millionaire or a CEO of a high profile company or something? That’s because you’re a sour looser. Here’s this guy Manny, who makes millions of dollars in one fight than you’ll ever make in your lifetime.

Ah so you’re an atheist. Did you know that God doesn’t believe in atheist? Who cares right? You said.. “I don’t think there’s no God, I know there’s no God”. Well, I don’t think you’re a stupid idiot, I KNOW you’re a stupid idiot. Here’s why, do you know everything? How about half of everything? I don’t think so, because there’s a proof that you don’t know sh*t (1.75GPA? loser!). Well, if you don’t know everything, is it possible that God exist in the places that you don’t know? You cannot say it’s impossible, because you don’t know everything. So to KNOW that there’s no God, is the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard from a person who doesn’t KNOW anything. I don’t wish something bad to happen to you or any member of your family like your daughters but the bible is pretty clear about letting people know who is in control. And that is God. And when that happens, you’re on your own. So you don’t believe in God and you believe that people make their own destiny right? Because that’s what an atheist is all about. Well let me ask you this, why did you get fired? Well, if you’re in control of your own destiny then why did you get fired? Why can’t you do something about it? Well, that’s because you’re not in control my dumb friend. Atheist does not believe in heaven and hell if they die. OK. Let me ask you this, if someone shoots you in the face for no reason, do you think it’s fair? Well, why not? You said you know there’s no God, so if there’s no God, therefore there’s no law. And when there’s no law, then there’s no right and wrong. So therefore, it’s safe to say that it’s fair to shoot you in the face. Don’t tell me that God’s law is different from our laws, because if you were paying attention in high school you would know that our laws today came from the law in the bible.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that you guys already taken the bible out of school. So that the next generation can validly say “oh we don’t know that the law came from the bible”. Ignorants. By the way, your country dumb down the test on high school exit exams too so that stupid bums like you could graduate. Pathetic losers. And then you wonder why most asians take your jobs, yeah well you guys are all dumb. If you don’t believe me, check the statistics on how many students graduate high school by race. It’s not whites or blacks. It’s asians baby.

As I was writing this blog, I saw on an article that you were apologizing to the Filipinos about your racial comments. Why though? You already said it, you cannot take it back just by apologizing. What you said to the Filipinos is so racist it’s like saying porch monkeys or nigger to black people and then apologize. No thanks Toyota boy.  You said you don’t pre-plan your commentary, well maybe you should. So that none of this garbage can come out from your mouth.

I’m not done with you yet Mr. Adam Carolla.

    • Mel B.
    • April 5th, 2010

    ehehe.. go team Pompyang…

    • LYNN
    • April 5th, 2010

    wow! you really kicked some A** here…he deserve that anyway…people like him are really annoying. He’s not happy with his life that’s why he gives the blame to others, pathetic…he really needs help!

      • September 27th, 2011



      • mhatz
      • January 14th, 2012


    • Joross
    • May 10th, 2010

    With all due respect,Majority of the Filipinos think that politics are for their entertainment…imagine pacquiao won the congress,noynoy aquino won the presidency and the criminal joseph estrada is 2nd and most of the senators that are winning have done nothing like lapid,revilla and recto…they vote by name recall or because they are famous, not by the accomplishments and background of the candidates…sad to say but filipinos are indeed stupid.

    • September 17th, 2010

    they are faggots. they think they are 1337 for killing ppl,etc… but they are smart enough at being a fag like what happen to philippine bus. they suck at technology. the people who call filipinos are smart is a filipino. if we do a shit against them they revenge and yes jokes like that etc. exactly people who are innocent and behave…

      • Anonymous
      • February 9th, 2011

      thats funny

      • September 27th, 2011


        • Anonymous
        • May 2nd, 2012

        can americans speak filipino language

        • ProudFilipinoGirl
        • July 30th, 2012

        Shut up. Filipinos are hard working. Do Americans learn know how to speak Tagalog? No. Yet Filipinos learn English in school. People say we are dumb because some of us did not finish school. But not all of us in the Phillipines are rich. Children and teens stop school to help earn money for their family. My grandmother stopped school in 2nd grade to sell water to soldiers to help her family. And so did my Grandpa. So all of those people against Filipinos shut your lips. What if we were saying that to your country?

      • the ipod, ipad, ipod etc. were designed by Chinese peeps.BTW there are also FILIPINO AMERICANS SO YOU JUST SAID THAT FILIPINOS ROCK. And who calls people DUMB DUMBS ’cause that’s just low and sad. the correct term is STUPID. WHICH IS THE CORRECT TERM FOR YOU. So COME AT ME BRO

      • Anonymous
      • February 9th, 2014

      filippinos are just jealous and greedy and they just lie all the time that s what i found out when i was there. i think the only reason why people go there is because old man can have cheap girls and some islands are ok but the people in general. come on.everyone wants to leave this bullshit sooner or later.philippinos just never get the chance (which i think is better cause otherwise this idiots will flood our places and spread their stupidity)

    • No doubts
    • March 18th, 2011

    If I ever doubted about the headline, now i need doubt no more. Thank you for the clarification!

    • Ronny
    • March 18th, 2011

    very funny indeed, I am not a Filipino, but my wife is, and my son is half Filipino, and I lived here for three years, and I love it, it’s a great country, anyhow it’s stupid to put everybody in the same category and put a label on them all, indeed it’s rasist, and yes, it’s not good to be rasist, but how about the Filipinos being rasist to other Filipinos, how about the Filipinos who look down on other Filipinos who are let’s say a bit darker, how about the Filipinas who buy whitening products to become white, it’s not so cool to be white these days, I think it’s cool to be Chinese, anyhow the guy who made the stupid joke was a dick without any knowledge about the Filipino culture, and the Filipinos who react at every joke involving the Philippines ( the desperate wife incident, the BBC jokes about the Filipina maids, whatever) are over reacting, and yes the Filipino pride is great, but how about the Filipinos who spend one year in the states and they call themself americans, don’t want to admit they come from the Philippines, make jokes about black people after all it’s great to be a Filipino right, so why not say it out loud, why say I am half half, whatever bola bola, , I sometimes find the Asian people to be more rasist than white people, but maybe I am wrong, anyhow Pilipinas kong mahal, peace

    • vincent domale
    • April 4th, 2011

    The philippines is a waste of time,why god did not not cause a tsunami and earthquake to strike there I will never know.I feel so sorry for the nation of Japan,which i wish had enslaved and made your nation a better and intelligent nation,please commit suicide .

      • Roi
      • July 13th, 2011

      vincent domale :
      The philippines is a waste of time,why god did not not cause a tsunami and earthquake to strike there I will never know.I feel so sorry for the nation of Japan,which i wish had enslaved and made your nation a better and intelligent nation,please commit suicide .

      Epic, FYI, Japan invaded Philippines on December 8, 1941. In history, they are throwing babies up in the air and stab them with knives, japanese are brutal back then until they got a taste of atomic bomb (hiroshima), no wonder they still getting punished by a tsunami.

        • September 27th, 2011


      • you’re such a waste of time

      • Anonymous
      • February 14th, 2012

      such an idiot ones

    • Dude I’m white and I still think that Filipino’s are cool. if you want them to commit suicide then you will receive the consequences like KARMA. SO GROW UP. if not… COME AT ME BRO

    • Fuck filipinos
    • May 11th, 2011

    vincent domale :
    The philippines is a waste of time,why god did not not cause a tsunami and earthquake to strike there I will never know.I feel so sorry for the nation of Japan,which i wish had enslaved and made your nation a better and intelligent nation,please commit suicide .

    LOL this one made me shit my pants in laughter

    yes filipinos are fucking idiots. cream of the crop top notch A1 idiots!

    Filipinos are so stupid that they think God will save them from poverty if they pray hard enough!!!!

    Yeah, right. Santa Claus is real, too, by the way

    • Dude I’m white and I still think that Filipino’s are cool. if you want them to commit suicide then you will receive the consequences like KARMA. SO GROW UP. if not… COME AT ME BRO

      • You are not white, you are GOD. When a white person steps foot onto Phililppines, they instantly have a white gown draped over their body and sandles coveing their feet. When you are White in Philippines, of course you will feel like GOD because all those primitive copy-cats wanna be like you. Do you watch their commercials? They all wanna be fuckin white, skin whitening products and salons all over the fuckin goddamn country! When they see a white person, they give you that ‘deer in headlights’ look on their face and praise you in great glory. This is how unaccepting Filipinos are of themself that they try SO damn hard to not be like how they are naturally born. Even Filipinos hate themselves, but can’t admit it. Simple as that! I don’t hate Filipinos, I just hate stupid people, which happens to be 99% of the Filipino population..

    • Rolly
    • August 4th, 2011

    “We would rather turn down millions of dollars just to keep our pride and dignity intact. I bet for $100 you would give a pint of blood.”

    – ARE YOU SURE ? ? ? i saw people from ALL walks of life becoming SHAMELESS for money in your country . . . do you people even know what the word “borrow” means ? ? ?
    where’s your fuckin PRIDE when you dont pay your “utang” ? ? ?
    you people have fuckin PRIDE to be Christians , but your actions tell a totally different story . . .
    Think for yourself people , WHY is it that so many people HATE Filipinos (and Thais) more than any other Asian nation ? ? ? there must be some reason . Right ? ? ?

      • cute
      • April 6th, 2015

      Well well. . I worked with a collections company before. .and most of americans dispute their debs. . They shout on the phone as if their profanity helps them pay their “debts” . . They hire attorneys just to clean their ass. . So ridiculous. .


      • bigbagdogshamallow
      • July 10th, 2013

      Yes it is. They are brainwashed to be stupid since birth and I’m not exaggerated.Since the 70’s the no. 1 favorite TV show is still Eat bulaga. Now if you are a little curious search it on youtube. You will see how do their medias (which the tv channels belong to the aquino family) are doing everything to keep the population as dumb as possible. Same thing with their churches and all their sects.

  3. Not mentioning all the fucking gossip that goes around little fucking halfwits with an average iq of 86. The reason they work so hard as nurses is because the want to stay there if they don’t they fucking clean floors and target europians that they do not even love but instead want fucking money. Most of them are ugly too. Most dishonest and primitive as well as bad-mannered people i have ever met.

  4. They act all friendly at the beginning but the truth is later revealed.

    • NocturNalis
    • October 5th, 2011

    This blog gave me a headache. All it shows me is the writer is as intolerant and uneducated as the person the blog is referring to. I am an American and have lived in the Philippines for almost 5 years now and I have some VERY strong opinions regarding the Filipino culture? Yes, that is a question mark and it was put there intentionally. You write, “This is the difference between Filipinos and most Americans like you, we value pride and dignity more than money.” Pride and dignity, are you joking? Filipino pride is an illusion created by the media, it’s not real. Never have I ever met a TRULY proud filipino and if they are, it’s selfish pride and nothing more. Your society is so corrupt (notice I said “society” which encompasses the government AND the people) that it sickens me. You are all clones of one another and conform to what you all perceive as “cool” or “in style”, completely lacking in any sort of individuality. I won’t for a moment say that Pinoys are stupid, not at all, but you do lack common sense. The other problem as I see it is that you aren’t exactly intellectual or philosophical, never challenging the questionable belief structure passed down to you from your parents, church, teachers, etc. and merely dwell upon the simple and materialistic aspects of life. Getting ahead in life and being successful to most Pinoys means that you have the most toys and gadgets. To Americans it means that you are able to provide for your family now and live comfortably into retirement. To us Americans, it’s about responsibility and taking action when you are presented with opportunities. You say we lack dignity? We are strong and proud and we know it but most of us aren’t conceited about it either. Dignity is saying what you mean and meaning what you say and let me say, you Pinoys don’t have that AT ALL! In fact, most Pinoys are completely unreliable and irresponsible. When you promise something you never keep that promise if it interferes with something else you would rather be doing. You Pinoys reading this can defend yourselves all you want but you’re not fooling me or any other foreigner that resides in your country. People here need to take a hard and honest look in the mirror and make a change for the better instead of just merely being another face in the mediocre cesspool of corruption that is the Philippines. BTW, Americans are the most unique, individual, proud, diverse, intelligent, creative, accepting, honest and friendly culture in the world because we are a mesh of many cultures and subcultures and have a very strong and resilient system of values. Don’t think of Americans as a bunch of idiots like on Jersey shore and other like tv programs (or this Adam Carolla person that you speak of) because those of us that have any brains at all do not advocate ANYONE watching those shows, it is not a representation of a true American, just idiot, alcoholic wastes of space . If you have never lived in the US then you cannot make a statement like the one I quoted above. In a nutshell, it’s good that you defend your people but you have to realize that there is a reason why your people are getting ridiculed in the first place. Instead of listening to some comedian’s webcast, try reading a blog written by one of your own.

    • NocturNalis
    • October 5th, 2011

    Oh yeah, before I forget, you people need to stop being brainwashed by the Catholic Church. What have they done for you, tell me that one? People who are atheist (myself included) actually contemplate our existence and search for truth. Your culture? blindly accepts primitive beliefs because they were forced upon you by the Spanish and you (being a weak-minded culture) continue to accept this as truth when it’s merely just a bunch of hypocrisy designed to oppress your people, leaving you as a dependent pile of submissive conformity without the guts to stand on your own. Don’t you think for a moment that the evil brutality put upon your people by the Spanish would have sparked some doubt in your minds about their intentions and the intentions of the Catholic religion in general. Remember, it was created by the Romans (another evil and brutal empire) for the purpose of control and dominance. You are still under control and you won’t truly be free until you realize this. And that my friends is one of the main reasons why other cultures think Filipinos are stupid. Wake the fuck up Philippines!

    • Anonymous
    • October 31st, 2011

    Zzz… it’s just Adam Carolla talking shit and you make yourself look like fools for actually giving a fuck about what he says. If you don’t like his opinions (insults) then just move on.

    Wasting 30+ minutes writing feverish essays and crying a river won’t do anything.

    • but standing up for my people will. Ever think about that!?

    • Ronny
    • October 31st, 2011

    well let me tell you something Mr American expat in the Philippines “oh I hate the Philippines but I am living here for the last 5 years because the beer is cheap and I am getting more pussy than I ever dreamed would be possible”, the Americans killed about ten percent of the Filipino population during the Spanish American war, how about you woke up these people when you colonized them, look at the ex British colonies in the region, Malaysia for instance, those Brits taught them how to catch fish right, so you like it or not, the US is partly responsible for this country, the US actually failed miserably in the Philippines

    • NocturNalis
    • November 4th, 2011

    If you are responding to my comment, I don’t hate the Philippines and it’s pretty funny that you put quotation marks around something I NEVER SAID! I don’t normally drink the urine that San Mig calls “beer” which is actually about the same price as good beer in the US and I am married to a filipina who, by the way, also thinks that the society here is completely corrupted. So, suffice to say, I’m not here to take advantage like many other ex-pats and get all that pussy that you are talking about. You are right about the Spanish American war and America definitely didn’t help all that much during it’s occupancy. However, if it weren’t for America, the Philippines would still be occupied by Japan. America gave the PI its independence and so far, not a whole lot has been done with that. It was on the right path back in the 50s and 60s but then Marcos came around and fucked it all up. It’s inevitable that a blog like this is going to make people defensive but instead of being defensive, why not open your eyes to what most of you consider normal and realize that it is not working for you, it’s working against you. Don’t you think that that there is some validity in what people are saying? It doesn’t come down to cultural differences but more like a lack of social and moral responsibility. What America did give you is a nearly failproof constitution, a great outline with which to govern society but for some reason it’s been totally corrupted. Maybe the Philippines needs a charter change and switch to a Parliamentary system of governance. I personally have no ill-will towards the Philippines and my words may come off as harsh but I do care and do want to see the Philippines succeed. The problem is that it doesn’t seem that many who live here give a damn and would rather be lazy and indifferent. Look, no one is claiming that America or Americans are perfect and the current state of the economy is an example of the fact that shit is pretty fucked up right now. However, people are fighting back against the big banks and major corporations and our problems will get sorted out because we actually care to see it that way. People here in the Philippines may care deep down inside but they aren’t showing it or doing anything to improve and correct the problems. You elect people based on popularity and fame, not qualifications. Pac-man may be one of the best boxers of all time but do you think someone who never even went to college should be a congressman? C’mon now, that’s foolishness. And there is no doubt in my mind that Gibo would’ve made a better president than NoyNoy but the voting came down to name recognition. I mean who in the hell would vote for an illiterate criminal who already got ousted from office or, in other words, Joseph Estrada?The occupations by the Spanish, US, and Japan are history now and should have little to no bearing on what is relevant today, The problems this country is facing today are its own creations.

      • Anonymous
      • March 20th, 2013

      Filipinos always want to blame others for there problems instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. They have had their independence from America for nearly 70 years but still blame America for their problems when they are the ones that totally fucked up their government. Look at the total losers and corrupt politicians they continue to reelect. They rally at the drop of a hat in front of the US embassy over the VFA agreement while China builds military bases in their territory without any demonstrations. They are not capable of governing themselves. Look what happened to Bonifacio. He was murdered by Aguinaldo. They just can’t get along. That would be like George Washington killing Thomas Jefferson.

    • Ronny
    • November 5th, 2011

    Dale Carnegie said “Don’t condemn, complain or criticize”, I was not debating the validity of what you said, it’s just the superior, arrogant tone that bothered me. The Philippines is an Asian country with serious social problems, even they speak English and they love American culture, you can’t judge them through your American perspective, this is not the US, it’s a country with a relatively young democracy, who learned a lot from Western countries but still kept a lot of its Asian mentalities. People here are not equals, poverty is a big thing, maybe you’ve noticed, poverty leads to lack of education which leads to ignorance. You can’t just make some smart ass comments and expect the Filipinos to take them seriously, they are aware of their own problems better than you. Of course Filipinos are responsible for their own country and for their own destinies, what I personaly don’t like is to hear expats being so critical about a country where they are welcomed. One thing expats in the Philippines forget is that they are guests here in this country, and when somebody welcomes you in his house you should be grateful and respectful. And again coming back to colonial times, let’s see who were the worst colonists, the Dutch, the Spanish or the Americans? The Americans are still responsible for a mass genocide here, and with all due respect the Japs didn’t show the same primitive imperialistic attitude when they occupied the islands. Let’s just check on the American legacy here in the Philippines, Shoping malls, fast food chains, Angeles City and its thousands of sex workers, and of course the jeepneys. Its great to be proud to be American, but let’s not forget how corrupt the US foreign policy has always been. And by the way, San Miguel is a great beer, if I were Filipino I would have said “You go back to your country if you don’t like it here”, but I am not, so I would suggest you just try to focus more on the positive aspects of this beautiful country, and you will see that your experiences here will get better and better.

    • try meeting a filipino american then see what happens. BTW nigga came from blacks stupid. you just met the wrong filipinos. it’s all based on personality not ethnicity.
      sincerely, this tweenie is more mature than you

    • NocturNalis
    • November 5th, 2011

    @ Ronny, I like your stance on the issue and you have a lot of valid points no doubt and you have the right attitude in the sense of focusing on the positive aspects. I am actually starting to get used to it here and am accepting it for what it is but it’s taken me some time to get past many of the things that I would call common sense and common respect that aren’t exactly “common” here. It’s really a mixed bag because there are many things that I like about living here but I can never get used to the way people treat each other. Neighbors are not neighborly, friends stab each other in the back with hurtful gossip, family members are envious and jealous of other family member’s accomplishments and often ridicule each other, and people in general cheat, lie and steal. It’s commonly known here as “crab mentality” where others pull you down because they think it will boost them up. Let me tell you, it all starts to affect you in a very bad way and I and my Filipina wife have become considerably antisocial because of it, we don’t want any part of the drama. I wouldn’t say that we expats are necessarily “welcomed here”, more like our money is and most of their friendly greetings are not at all genuine. I know several people who have been horribly deceived and ripped off by these people and it happens a lot more than you think, they take advantage at any given opportunity. When we try to speak their native language Tagalog, they usually laugh at us because of our accents but we expats would never do the same to them when speaking English. I really don’t think that the average Filipino is aware of their problems all that much because they are not inclined to self-education and would rather watch daytime variety shows than watching the news or reading books. I don’t believe that I said anything even vaguely “smart-ass” and I apologize if I sounded arrogant, that is not my intention. Yes, I am being judgmental but that comes from years of being wronged by these people without any just cause so please take that in proper context when evaluating the words I have written. There are some truly good people here and they feel the exact same way as I do about their own culture but they are few and far between. Many of the ideas I’ve written above aren’t new ideas or criticisms and many were even taught by professors in my college. I, for the longest time, tried to look the other way but when I see the same exact things I’m thinking written on a chalk board by a highly respected and educated professor speaking out against their own culture, it validates my feelings on the matter. Was criticism his or her purpose? No, it was for awareness, so those students in that class can avoid the negative social norms of this society and strive to be better than that. As far as San Mig, I only drink their super dry and cervesa negra, I’ll skip on the others aside from pale pilsen from time to time. I just wish they could make a lager or ale because their pilsners, in my opinion, are for getting drunk and are not known for that rich, smooth and satisfying flavor that beer aficionados like myself look for in a beer. Different strokes for different folks I guess, I’m a microbrew kinda guy!

    • NocturNalis
    • November 5th, 2011

    “and with all due respect the Japs didn’t show the same primitive imperialistic attitude when they occupied the islands.”

    Do you know the horrors, the crimes against humanity that the Japanese forced upon these people? I do, remember I’m a student here also. Raping of women in their “comfort rooms”, stabbing babies with their swords, and how about the Bataan Death March to name a few of the many? America did however take more lives, I’m not going to argue that one but the Japanese were way more brutal and inhumane.

    • Ronny
    • November 6th, 2011

    Well, after all it’s history, I don’t think the Americans were much worse than the Spanish or the Japanese. And again what you say about Filipino culture is true, a lot of the mentalities here are totally wrong, and indeed people here seem to ignore the realities of life and live in dream like state hoping to win the lotery one day. I don’t debate with any of the negative aspects of the country or of the people because I know them. It also took me some time to get used with the country and the people here, but once I learned how to deal with the people, once I learned how it works here, once I understood how easy it is to get the best deals just by avoiding the people who want to take advantage of you, so once I’ve learned all of this the hard way like all the expats here, it all became much easier, much nicer and I started to love living here, and I am not living in a relaxed, beautiful place somewhere in the province, I am living in Manila, the big urban jungle where you’re being targeted by predators on every corner. Overall, I can say I had more positive experiences here than negative, I fell welcomed here, not only beacause of the money I have, also because I love the Filipinos, yes, that’s right, I think Filipinos are nice people, you just need to know how to deal with them. I am sure that a lot of expats here had a lot of negative experiences with bad people here, it’s a jungle so you need to be strong and be carefull with your money here. Nice having this debate with you bro, hope I’ve showed you another perspective, the Philippines is a great place and most Filipinos are good, kind, generous people, you just need to be carefull like anywhere else with what kind of people you’re dealing. All the best!!!

    • NocturNalis
    • November 6th, 2011

    Thank you, it has been an enjoyable debate and you have helped me cool off much of my hot blood. Anytime someone can do that for me, it is much appreciated. Ya know, I said it before and I’ll say it again, I love your perspective and your attitude and coming from someone living in Manila of all places, that is truly honorable. I personally lived in Manila for a year with my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) and we didn’t move because of the people, we moved because of claustrophobia, my claustrophobia- I’m a country boy. I can say that I had some good friends in Manila but one thing you should know about people in Manila vs people in the province, they are far more sophisticated and therefor much easier to relate to, provincial people are another bag of chips altogether. Out of curiosity, which city do you live in? I was in Pasay City near Libertad Street, let me tell you…not a good place for foreigners. I have yet to be robbed or seriously taken advantage of and am very thankful for that. It’s all about situational awareness or as I like to call it, calculated paranoia. Yes, I have had more good experiences than bad but I owe that mostly to being tolerant and/or understanding. Most of the stuff that bugs me are the numerous small things that add up to so much more and create a bigger picture of the average filipino. It’s an unfortunate situation in this country and I hope for the sake of the future that people will stand together and put aside their differences in order to make a positive change. It worked for the EDSA revolution and it can happen again. They do have good intentions and most have good hearts but the bar is set too low. I believe that they feel that there’s little incentive to work hard towards something better and do the right thing when the situation only seems to get worse with time no matter what they, as individuals, do. I do have hope buried under much pessimism and sincerely hope that this can become the great country that it has the potential to be. It may seem like a dream at this point, but it can be done as long as the people regain that faith that they used to have. Enjoy yourself as always!

    • Ronny
    • November 6th, 2011

    Hi bro, I am glad to hear you are in a nice place, I am still rocking in Manila, in Pasig which is not so bad as Pasay, that’s for advanced learners just like Recto. I’ve learned a long time you can’t change people unless they want to. As you probably noticed Filipinos don’t really take foreigners seriously, they have this stereotipe image of Joe, who is very mabaet, loves to make presents and is loaded with cash. That’s another funny story about how Filipinos see foreigners, the point is that they only listen to their elders, so it’s not mine or your responsability to raise public awareness to certain absurd things, its their leaders job to do this. It should start in schools, in churches, in the public institutions. If you think about it, after the WW 2 they were wealthier than South Korea, so they can do it, they just need the right guides, politicians with a genuine desire to help their own people, not in a populist way, but by simply making it easier for foreign businesses to settle here, by building an economy that will create jobs for people here, so thay won’t have to migrate to other countries looking for work. Give it 10, 20 years and you will see a different image. Regards, Ronny By the way, I am not anti american, it’s just some aspects that I don’t agree with.

    • NocturNalis
    • November 7th, 2011

    Cheers to that my friend. You know, in some regards even I, an American, is anti-American. More specifically, anti-American bureaucracy, the people I have no problem with in general. I’m sure you’ve heard about the huge Occupy movement going on right now against the major banks, corporations and Wall Street, this makes me very proud indeed to see so many people taking a stand. They need to do the same thing here in the Philippines and take back their democracy. Yeah, we as foreigners will never change the minds of Filipinos, they don’t take us seriously regardless of what kind of education and experience we have under our belt. I have to admit that when people call me “Joe” it enrages me so much that I want to knock them the fuck out, it’s ignorant and racist, just like when they call an African “nigger” which they do all the time. And believe me, I don’t just walk by, I get in their face…”my name’s not Joe you freakin’ idiot.” See, I’m the kind of person that makes a scene but only do so when it’s warranted like when people cut in line and pretend that no one notices. Well, I do and I make sure they know I do. A buddy of mine from the states is ex-Army like myself and he’s a big-ass dude. One time a filipino called him nigger in the market and he chased the guy down throughout the whole market until he caught him. After that, I’m not sure what he did but he was hesitant in telling me because of all the ears around us. In truth, it’s only a matter of time before I have to beat somebody down in this country, it’s not an “if” but a “when” and I am not a violent person by the way so that’s a strong statement coming from me. You live in Pasay, a nice, well developed, professional middle class city where people are generally more educated, less ignorant, have WAAAAY more manners and a good work ethic, I had several friends from Pasay and they are good people for sure. Trust me when I say, if you live in the poorer parts of Manila or move out to the province, I guarantee that you will feel the same way as I do. Anyway, to change the topic, I’m not too sure about what school is like at the elementary and high school levels but college seems pretty decent, well some professors at least. It’s not quite at a comparable level with first world countries but pretty decent none the less. Although I have had some professors who brought religion into the classroom and I must say I was deeply offended by this. I challenged one professor at every given opportunity but he wasn’t budging even when I proclaimed that this is a secular school and religious talk has no place here. So, what did I do? I threatened to report him to the higher ups and did so while class was in session because I had had enough. That’s how you get people to listen here, you scare them. I’ve done it more times than I care to count and they respond quickly. It may not be the best way and it certainly doesn’t win me any popularity contests but it’s the most effective, and besides, I am not here to make friends, I am here to be with my wife. I used to feel the same way as you in thinking that in 10 to 20 years, things will be different. Now, I can’t be so sure. I would love to believe that but I don’t anymore. They don’t want foreign businesses here and I am not convinced that this would solve the economic situation, it would just allow more companies and corporations to save shitloads of money while exploiting the filipino workers with low salaries. Of course, there would be less unemployment and the standard of living would improve but it would also get more expensive to live here as well, higher wages=higher prices.

    • NocturNalis
    • November 7th, 2011

    Out of curiosity, where are you from? Britain, Australia? It’s been good chatting with ya. Give a holler if you’re ever in Baguio.

    • Ronny
    • November 7th, 2011

    I am from Romania, been here for 4 years, Baguio is cool, Sagada is better, here’s my e-mail address,, cheers

    • NocturNalis
    • November 7th, 2011

    Cool, thanks. I actually don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from Romania so you would be the first. Baguio is ok but it’s far too populated, but Sagada is pretty amazing and the people there are so hospitable. I’ve been meaning to venture back up that way but haven’t had the opportunity. Me and my wife got married there, we are friends with the mayor who happens to be our ex-landlord and is just about the nicest guy you’d ever meet. I’m also at gmail, Enjoy yourself!

    • Anonymous
    • February 1st, 2012

    Mel B. :
    ehehe.. go team Pompyang…


      • Badong
      • February 13th, 2012

      mag cocomment ka tapos pag tinanong ka, idedeny mo.

    • Albert
    • April 15th, 2012

    I myself am a member of a minority and do not consider myself a bigot. I’ve spoken to maybe 200-300 Filipinos in my lifetime, including the two idiots I just got off the phone with at eBay customer support. I won’t go as far as to say that all Filipinos are stupid, but I will say that every Filipino I’ve ever encountered has been stupid. Maybe I’ve just been incredibly unlucky.

    Incidentally you’re not really helping your cause by writing a sentence like “You, yes you Mr. Adam Carolla is the one who is stupid”

    • Anonymous
    • May 6th, 2012

    Filipino Idiots

    • Anonymous
    • May 17th, 2012

    fascism is the solution i think

  5. Filipinos women are sluts to American. They are breeder of dumb species. Their men are even idiots for claiming to be latinos. Latinos are meant for latin American and not Asian. filipinos do not have tradition. NOr have any identity. Stupid country.

    • Seriously I can’t believe this tweenie is way more than you. if Filipinos stupid then you call my friends stupid, my friends friends stupid who happen to be Samoan so if you live well that means life will probably suck for you. Filipino is an ethnicity not something to be messed with.

    • Ronny
    • July 22nd, 2012

    Filipinos are Latinos because they were colonised by the Spanish just like many South American countries, they are actually the only ex Spanish colony that kept its own language, a bit of history is always helpful when making value staments, Pilipinas kong mahal

    • Anonymous
    • October 15th, 2012

    I have worked with phillipino’s in healthcare for 17 years and lived on the island of boracay for 12.5 months. I also have had phillipino friends my whole life…….every single one has been a shady dyshonest and lazy individual, NOT TO MENTION COMPLETE IDIOTS I. HEALTH CARE AND A LETHAL RISK TO THE PATIENT. They buy their RN in the shady Phillipines for a lousy 5 grand. When i lived and worked in the phillipines, every phillipino doctor and or health care provider were JAW DROPPING IDIOTS…..on a good day lol.

      • Anonymous
      • October 15th, 2012

      I agree Phillipino’s are complete idiots and only mimic the american / europeans equivalent to a halloween mask as they try to hide their stupidity by micromanagement on a witch hunt to correct the superior Caucasian European blood lines. Phillipinos lack thyroxcine at birth wich creates a stunted growth and stupidity……

      • Dude philipinos are complete idiots? you can’t even spell F I L I P I N O correctly. -_-

    • Uhh ever asking whether or not they went school?
      Sincerely, this tweenie is more mature than you.

    • Anonymous
    • October 16th, 2012

    Hey. You think this bullying and racial shit is going anywhere? You think america is great? well please do share about the good things about america besides financial aid and technology to the Philippines? all u stupid americans care is only your money. all you want is america to grow but let the other nations fall. yeah, i got no evidence but i can feel it. all your greediness turns into crimes that’s why there’s a big crime rate in america. oh and there’s a difference in theft between americans and Filipinos. We steal to survive. americans steal so they can buy drugs or other non important things. seldom i hear news about americans steal to survive. and that talk about americans smarter than Filipinos and that they’re stupid just because america is great and we invented the iphone, windows, google, and yada yada yada……. that’s bullshit man. why? do you think all of your products are purely american made? even the research and development? hell no. you need asians to create your precious products. as I see it, you stupid american look down on us because we’re not capable of going against you. but you would simply shiver if you talk like that against the russians or the chinese because they are capable of overthrowing you. what are depending on america? huh? your economic advantage? your weapons? america don’t like other countries to create nuclear weapons and they say it’s for peace. I say that america doesn’t want any competition. competition in what? that america wants to rule the world. I almost forgot to say that america is hungry for war. for them war is big money for the ones making the weapons like Boeing, Northrop, Lockheed Martin etc. this is not right. when there’s trouble here, america goes….. oh wait, there’s a catch…… america helps in times of war if and only if it can benefit the country….. if not….. then help is a no no….. america is after other countries’ natural resources and drain the country of its wealth. for example… war in the middle east… america is hungry for oil and they would fight for it because they have their interests in that region. when a country is dying and contains no oil or anything that interests the americans, yeah… help is a no no….. you think america is like a global peace security or something? hell no… hell no… america fights for its benefits. if not americans would gladly watch a nation crumbles down. oh and the guy that said Filipinos are dumb, stupid? I bet this guy is a big fat son of a bitch. that’s right. you’re a fat son of a bitch who is too fat that his stomach is bigger than his brain……. hey! maybe your brain is your big fat stomach….. I bet americans are today’s modern Nazis….. you think you’re better just because you have this and that? i doubt americans these days would dare take up enginering in collage………. yeah some….. but Asians are the most graduates….. oh and that invention thing? thanks for the laptop and the Apple america because now we Asians know how to make better products than yours.. thanks for the inspiration…. oh I think I’m not.

      • The gage
      • July 10th, 2013

      Ah yeah I totally agree with you! The Philippines is way better than the USA for sure. And you guys are way smarter than us. As you never stop showing us. IT’S SO CLEAN!! Not a single piece of dirt. You’re infrastructures are a world model and your schools are making real intellectuals.The Philippines owns America, Without the Philippines we would live in caves. Soon you guys will come here in America and will fuck our 3$ prostitutes with your colossal size penises. .

    • NotJoking
    • October 28th, 2012

    Filipinos are as smart as the conditions of their country.

    • Anon
    • October 28th, 2012

    I have a family now… from a Filipina wife with a beautiful daughter whose life I will not disrupt…but aside from that…if I had a crystal ball…and knew the stupid financial drama my wife were going to cause me… I NEVER would have married a Filipina. I repeatedly helped my wife’s in-laws in the Philippines with enough money to start a business, and they blew it. With some of the same money, I was promised, by my wife, that they’d come to the USA, find work, and help us pay our mortgage in return for taking money out of our house and helping them get over here. What I got in return for this was a bunch of lazy turds who didn’t like the work ethic here, returned to the Philippines to be bums, and made us lose our house. My advice to anyone thinking about marrying a Filipina: Run the other way and don’t look back.

    • Anonymous
    • November 2nd, 2012

    Adam Carolla grew up as white trash but then he lucked out when he met marginally funny Jimmy Kimmel and then hit it big.

    All of Carolla’s rich buddy’s think he is so fuckin talented but the only shit that that runs out of his sewer mouth is trailer trash old jokes. Btw, he pretends to know so much about construction, boxing, football and Mexicans. This racist Charlatan doesn’t know jack shit about anything.

    Btw, WHY is HE shitting out snot-nosed deformed kids? Nobody thinks snot-nosed “Sonny” is cute. He’s an evil little fuck with a freaky shaped head, but daddy will finance whatever “SONNY freak-boy” wants to do that might not be a “waste of his precious fuckin time.”

    Carolla, do us all a favor and put a head-shaping helmet on that little monster for the rest of his life! Pleeease!!!!

    • marko
    • December 26th, 2012

    Ha! This is so immature. Mapagpatol naman kayo sa mga amerikanong buloks. May sarili tayong bansa.

    • Ikr seriously. you don’t see me judging people by their ethnicity. why would people make a website about this. these peeps really should get a life. i’m white and a tweenie and i know that these people have suffered from KARMA. Salamat po ng maraming para sa nakatayo up para sa iyong bansa

    • Bella
    • January 12th, 2013

    i hate philipino to the max!!!

  6. I was right!!! kids are way more mature. -_- Filipino’s are awesome, smarter than you, and we don’t judge people by their ethnicity. Haven’t you ever heard of the saying that “everyone is equal?” If not, your obviously not from America. Seriously. i feel really bad that your parents had to deal with this and since this is on the internet, it will be tracked so you’ll have a hard time with life. BTW stupid and idiot are the same thing -_- if you need help with life then realize that you just called every Asian stupid and that Karma exists, so let’s see if it squish you like a bug. Have a nice life 😉 Knowing that a tweenie is more mature than you.

  7. After reading that last sentence. you just disrespected your own race. If you’re so smart, then you should know that Filipino’s are Asian Stupid.

    • Filipinos are truly idiots. No need to go any farther than the street to figure that out. Look how they drive 95% of all traffic jams are caused by their stupidity. Not only can’t they drive these idiots don’t even know how to cross the fucking street.

      • The saying is that everyone was created equal. Not everyone is equal. So Filipinos were created equal but when they grow up they turn into idiots.

    • Joseph
    • April 7th, 2013

    Fuck the Philippines. Filipinos are the goddamn Mexicans of the orient. Too stupid to be doctors, so they all become nurses. Change the bedpan bitch. Know your role. LOL. Fucking stupid monkeys. Plus flips are the most stupid of all asians. Dont believe me? Google it. Taiwan, South Korea and Japan are #1-3 in world IQ ratings. Where is the Philippines? #60. HAHAHAHAHA. Stupid little brown people. And NOW…….all you Pacman fans…….where is your hero now? Last time I saw him, he was lying face down in the ring not moving at all. And his monkey wife Jinkie was screaming like a little bitch………Oh shit. My money is going away is what she was screaming. Pacquiao is like every fucking one of you. Nothing but a loser. Everything would be just fine if you monkeys stayed on your island. But NO…… have to infect the rest of the world with your balut eating nastiness. All your men are cheating alcoholics that beat their wife’s. And all your bitches are fucking whores that will suck any dick for ten pesos…… long as the dick is white. Fucking whores that will give anything to have a mestizo baby. Any fucking thing to get that shit stained brown out. You are all nothing but a country of liars and scammers. You SCREAM Filipino pride. But you have no pride. All your men try to dress and act all gangsta. So funny because you copy niggers with the biggest dicks, yet you have the smallest dicks. And you fucking monkey bitches. Trying every day to be more white. LOL……keep trying bitches. If you had any pride you would not be trying so hard to BE WHITE.

    You know how to tell if a flip is trying to rip you off? They start their sentences with “I am a Christian”. Fucking flips bust on athiests and anyone who is “NOT a Christian”. Yet in all my life I have never been to a more GODLESS country. Filipinos will rip each-other off at a drop of a hat, unless their is a white man there. I know one thing for sure. Hell is FULL of Filipino Christians.

    Suck it monkeys. Suck it long. Suck it hard.

      • bigbagdogshamallow
      • July 10th, 2013

      Hi Joseph. You comment on filipinos sounds exaggerated but in fact all what you said is true (well maybe about the IQ of filipinos cuz I think that Cambodians are worst. Thais are really fucking low too.Indonesians are probably worst than filipinos)… But anyways… I passed 2 months in the Philippines in 2007 and I swear that the stupidity in this country exceeds everything you can imagine.Dude I saw some men driving with pigs in their fucking tricycle! A butcher sleeping on the counter in front of all the costumers! Babies alone in diaper in the middle of the road. How neat! Shit like this is the routine there. It’s all what people know. They are real primitive savages. And now we have that mad religious cunt bawling to defend a country made of assholes instead of saying: That man is right! It’s true that we are dumb! We are also undisciplined, irresponsible, weak and and submitted as people! We should find a way to change our stupid colonized mentality of shit! Of couse not! Some might wake up from their dreams.She prefers to say that filipinos are great and have nothing to change with her smart peepee poopoo ”article”. Everything is the Toyota’s fault.

    • mike
    • April 14th, 2013

    So funny!

    • John Emmanuel
    • June 19th, 2013

    John Emmanuel

    Everything you sees around you was created by God, then you believe that there’s no God, you’re a completely idiot.
    Do you know the sayings that “Everyone is Equal”?, Filipinos are way more mature that you, we don’t judge other people by their ethnicity. Good Luck when KARMA arrives at you.

    • Lets agree to disagree. I can contradict you since I am a foreigner who has been to Philippines 11 times, and I am currently here right now with this current day being the 3rd month in a row right now. You people do judge by ethnicity, I’m African American, but not the type you see on T.V, you know; the baggy pants type who likes rap music, basketball, and likes to get into trouble and probably been in jail a few times. No, that is not me at all, I am actually more proper than that, and I do have a sense of decency for myself. I hang around a lot of filipinos on a daily basis, trying to get along with them. But on the first day I got to know them, they keep calling me ‘nigga’ like it’s my name. I told them my name already, but they keep saying it over and over. I just tell them that they watch too much T.V, and I said it diplomatically. I know nigga with the ‘a’ is not a bad word, but they are only calling me that because of my physical appearance, if I was a white guy, they wouldn’t call me that, am I right? Plus they were saying it as if it was my name, not because they really think of me as their buddy or something. So filipinos do have some rudeness, regardless if they are ignorant to it or not. As for the Whole GOD thing, I hate to bring up religion like this, but the only way you can prove that GOD is real is to simply die, meet him, and tell the living about him. I don’t think anybody has pulled off a miracle stunt like that yet, so there is no evidence that he exist, and don’t tell me that he spoke to you or something, that is something crazy people would usually say. You can’t just keep waiting around waiting for this so-called ‘GOD’ to do everything for you, you have to utilize some initiative and do things for yourself. Philippines is a nation that is soooo devoted to believing in GOD, but it looks like GOD has forsaken this place and condemned this entire country to hell, I mean seriously, just look at it. And if this country looks beautiful to you, then just turn on the Television, I’m sure you watch some American shows right? You seem like a smart person, just look at the difference. America and other countries looks like it has been blessed by this invisible man in the sky who can look at billions of people at once, but Philippines looks nothing like it. Don’t be ignorant to what I am saying, do some research on Philippines and see what other people are saying about Philippines, trust me……. it’s not good at all.


    • bigbagdogshamallow
    • July 10th, 2013

    Hey guys. Want to see what it is the so called Filipino complex? You have the perfect description in this. This the represents perfectly the filipino complex and they are right to be complex because they suck and not only a bit. That country is simply execrable on every aspect. No wonder why the filipino dream is to get the hell out in America as fast as they can.I’m American and if ever I fall on an anti-American comment, do you really think I will bother to write a 5 foot long rage story to explain how the author is wrong. After all he’s write. It’s a fact that filipinos have a low IQ. No need to make tests. We see the way they live and hear the way they talk.We know how primitive is the vast majority of filipinos. There’s no debate to have on this. The big majority of filipinos are some dumb idiots. Fact

  8. I totally agree with bigbagdogshamallow 100% all the way! I am American, staying here in Philippines, and I come across stupidity on a daily basis here. I don’t see how filipinos can call themselves intelligent, just look around you! Undeveloped buildings, drivers who don’t use road markings, trash every fucking where! You people haven’t even mastered the basic principles of not littering, that’s why your country looks like shit everywhere! Piles of trash on streets and sidewalks, that’s very sickening! Where is the fucking pride in that? You like covering your nose every time you have to walk to the nearest 7/11? I know I don’t. Just so you know I traveled to Thailand and Korea too, and I never seen that in those two countries including my own, America. Take some fucking pride in your country, don’t trash it, use proper trash points, stop at crosswalks and let pedestrians cross the streets instead of trying to run them over, stay in your lane while driving too. If you people don’t use road markings, then don’t fucking paint them! Simple as that. And what’s up with the whitening products? Is your own naturally born complexion that ugly? I honestly love filipinas the way they are naturally born, if I wanted a white looking girl, then I would’ve stayed my ass in America. Why you people trying to be something you are not? I dare you for one second to say that what I am saying is not true. I’ve been told that filipinos likes to turn a blind eye and be finger pointers, well for once I’m telling you to at least give me a answer for what I am asking you before you start pointing out flaws about America, I can admit that America is a little corrupted too, but we have the intelligence to maintain our economy to some degree of standards! There isn’t trash everywhere, people are not pissing in public openly, buildings and monuments are built to so some standard, I don’t see naked kids in the streets, people actually follow traffic laws in America. At least America’s stupidity and corruption doesn’t stand out as much, and the good out weighs the bad by a lot! Ok, I did all the finger pointing for you, now can you explain why Philippines is so fucked up!? I can go on with a longer list, but I wanna see what you have to say to what I said so far.


      • bigbagdogshamallow
      • July 10th, 2013

      Hi pal. Thanks for your comment. Yesterday I wrote my message from a tablet which is really not the best. Anyways I see you been in the Philippines too. I’d like to share my experience about it. I’m Canadian and live in Montreal Quebec and I was planing to go in the Philippines. My friends were all telling me to watch out there and being extremely careful. I was very naive because I never had been in a poor country of all my life. In my mind I was thinking that people in 3th world countries were exactly like people here in Canada or USA or even Australia lol. I was so damn dumb to think this. I quickly understood the kind of mess people are making after 5 minutes I got out from the airport and I saw a massive bunch of filipinos all compacted together screaming like monkeys at someone they were coming to pick.

      For the first weeks I could not sleep at night because my mind was too disturbed by all the mess I could see during the day. How fucking dumb and undisciplined people are there. I was searching over and over some solutions that their government should take to improve their life in general. Then after few weeks I was like: How come me I’m searching some solutions to help this country while those people are passing their entire day sit down on an upside down bucket watching cars passing? So fucking what? They are happy this way. This kind of life is what they want. They have the opportunity to take themselves in hand and doing something of their life. They just don’t want. They don’t give a fuck about anything.

      So basically that’s pretty much it. They are fine this way. They can’t ask more than chilling here and chilling there. They don’t give a fuck.

  9. I have been around Filipinos and they are the most ill-iterated people i have ever met in my life all their life is surrounded by parties and working like asses because they owe so much debts. If you ask them something about culture they know nothing about anything except for manny pacwhatever and when is the next party.

      • bigbagdogshamallow
      • August 12th, 2013

      I totally agree with you man and we cannot deny the facts but the major problem is that nobody in that country can stand up and say: Jesus fucking christ we have such a big retardation and society problems here. We behave like a bunch of monkeys. We should improve the education system, making prevention. Prioritizing security, investment ect. We must to work on our ethic.

      But no forget this. They will never admit their issues. It`s way more easy for the to simply denying and blaming the others for their retardation. Adam Carolla simply told the truth but filipinos are to dumb to realizing it.

    • Apolitical Misanthrope
    • August 19th, 2013

    I was born in the Philippines (Filipino-Born) and grew up in the United States. I have to be honest, these Pinoys don’t fucking wake up. Manny Pacquiao went into politics and later on, getting himself hit in the face again. The bastard never stops. I have to admit that my home country is fucked. In the end, I became a Fil-Am and never come back there, Pride is fucking stupid, but prejudice is all I can think of for now. This is a Filipino who really admits to this nonsensical jingoism. Yes, Adam Carolla is unfunny, but he made me chuckle at some times. Either way, I don’t take sides between the two celebrities, I think they’re both waste and fecal.

    To dirtdoctor333:

    I read your comment and I agree. I know you’re an African-American who don’t do that stuff on TV and movies. Those who do so are dumb moronic pricks who end up in prison like the ones in my home country. The best thing to do is to stand up against your Pinoy “buddies” and tell them that Pinoy is another word for the N word. I know the N word is offensive. No African-American like you will like that if you’re intelligent and not a street hoodlum. I can see Pinoys there being street hoodlums playing basketball at the local streets shouting and whooping like crazy derpbags. I watched their news and all that. Their pride is pissing me off. I just want to punch Joseph Estrada in the face, really. Noynoy Aquino and his stupid ass sister too.

    • Gobacktomanila
    • October 5th, 2013

    Your writing ability proves his point.

    • PinoyJhon
    • October 22nd, 2013

    Ah, chupa malakbayag ko, stupid, huh,

    • Anonymous
    • March 18th, 2014

    dirtdoctor333 :
    You are not white, you are GOD. When a white person steps foot onto Phililppines, they instantly have a white gown draped over their body and sandles coveing their feet. When you are White in Philippines, of course you will feel like GOD because all those primitive copy-cats wanna be like you. Do you watch their commercials? They all wanna be fuckin white, skin whitening products and salons all over the fuckin goddamn country! When they see a white person, they give you that ‘deer in headlights’ look on their face and praise you in great glory. This is how unaccepting Filipinos are of themself that they try SO damn hard to not be like how they are naturally born. Even Filipinos hate themselves, but can’t admit it. Simple as that! I don’t hate Filipinos, I just hate stupid people, which happens to be 99% of the Filipino population..

    >>Totally agree with this dickhead

    • Anonymous
    • May 25th, 2014

    I only met a couple who have good work ethic, the rest are losers. Sorry but true from my observation.

    • Montreal Renegade
    • June 5th, 2014

    Hi dirtdoctor333. I been in the Philippines for few months and everything you said about Filipinos is true. I never imagined that such a primitive population exist on earth in our modern time.

    • Anonymous
    • July 24th, 2014

    The Philippines is a nice piece of land that God created, amazing beaches, amazing mountains and more! I used to like the Philippines. The only reason why the Philippines has such corrupt leaders is because they keep on and keep on voting for the inappropriate leaders to server them. They only vote those who are their friends, who are relatives, who were famous and thats it. They don’t vote for the leaders who really wants to server and to promise the people for a greater good. They vote for those who are inappropriate leaders because they are afraid, afraid that they might get mad. Pretetnding to be a nice guy everytime the camera is introduced. I know this because this happens in my school. Even I am ashamed to be a Filipino, in my school, they vote their class officers the people whi were/are their friends. Every year, our class president is the same girl . My classmates hates being warned for standing, talking or switching places. The President of our class who is Stephen Carl D. Herras ( a new class president ), promised that we would have our independence and freedom, he promised us a better school year. Me and a couple of smart nerdy guys believe in him cause we saw it happen. He fullfils every single promise and we trust him fir he really fits the job. But others in the class who heard his speech took it differently, they think that they would be allowed to do everything they want without even teacher’s permission. Believe or not, our class is the most UNORGANIZED, DISRESPECTFUL, AND THE MOST NOISY class at that school?!?! But only a few of us were polite and caring, we just chose to keep silent for if we try to prove that we are not what they think, they are gonna think that we are just backing ourselves up then be more unruly again. Thats why we don’t speak up. We can get suspended for speaking up to whats right from something they think is wrong. Even I hate the my family in the Philippines. I usually sleep 7-8 hours but they only sleep 5 hours. They call me a lazy pig for sleeping an extra 3 hours. They are so stupid, even if I explain that 8 hours is the amount of time that normal ordinary person should take for sleep, they will get mad at me and say that I am answering back or just boasting just becasue I learned something. At least I still have some friends in the family who still believes in me. I wanted so much to take revenge but I didn’t for I know that there will be a day were a storm or a typhoon will hit the country and make all the people suffer. Sorry for being harsh, I just let all my feelings out.

    • fyi
    • July 29th, 2014

    There are several things that give the rest of the world the impression that as a whole the FILIPINO general public is clueless.

    The Pork barrel Dap scandal, most filipino’s don’t seem to care that the president by-passed the congress and cancelled projects so he could personally control most of the peoples tax money, giving it out to whoever and for whatever he wanted. Of course most of the money is unaccounted for since congress had nothing to do with it after Aquino took it. In essence he made himself king without a need for the senate or house of reps.

    Why didn’t anyone in the senate or house do anything about it ? The senators were taking the pork barrel allocation of 200 million each and getting kickbacks of 50% or more. The house reps were allocated 100 million each and got their kickbacks as well.

    Almost every senator and rep are guilty of stealing the tax payers money and yet hardly any have been arrested.

    While this has been going on Aquino continues to hold onto and stealing the Hacienda Luisita farmers land, That land was supposed to be distributed to the farmers 43 years ago, that was a condition of the loan used to purchase the land. Tarlac police and guards hired by the Cojuangco-owned Tadeco have fenced off a portion of Hacienda Luisita
    Farmers’ huts burned, crops bulldozed.
    Police and guards have destroyed and burned the farmers’ huts and barricaded their rice fields with barbed wires, iron sheets, and concrete.

    Farmers are not allowed to get back the farming tools inside the land. They are also banned from bringing in diesel to power water pumps needed to keep their crops alive.

    The educational system is a joke, not enough schools or a school bus system in place to take children to and from school. They have to pay to for their own transportation to go to a public school. That’s no easy task since 28% of the people are below the poverty level of 17,000p a year. Guess some kids wont get a education.

    The decline in poverty has been slow and uneven, much slower than neighboring countries who experienced broadly similar numbers in the 1980s,such as People’s Republic of China (PRC), Thailand, Indonesia (where the poverty level lies at 8.5%) or Vietnam (13.5%). This shows that the incidence of poverty has remained significantly high as compared to other countries for almost a decade. The unevenness of the decline has been attributed to a large range of income brackets across regions and sectors, and unmanaged population growth. The Philippines poverty rate is roughly the same level as Haiti.

    The prison system is a joke and needs a major overhaul. they are housing 500 people in jails designed to hold 50.

    Even with all these problems that need a lot of money to fix the majority of the elected officials are stealing most of the money and yet they still have the people’s support.

    The Philippines can call itself a republic in name only, In reality its a Totalitarian system ( government that seeks to subordinate the individual to the state by controlling all political and economic matters ).

    21 of the 24 Senate seats fall under the control of political families. In the House of Representatives, about 80 percent of the 229 seats will also be dominated by dynasties.

    As stated earlier most of these people from the ruling class are busy looting the treasury to enrich themselves.

    The Filipino people accept and apparently like the way things are or they lack the will to do anything about it.
    Someone said, The people get the government they deserve.

  10. Agreed. Filipinos are retarded. They can’t take the slightest insult or even a simple joke about their stupid country.

    • Dave
    • January 17th, 2017

    They are pretty evil. Loud as shit too. They also make their cars loud to wake people up at night. So fucking evil.

    • Fuck Filipino
    • January 6th, 2018

    Fuck the Filipino savage monkey. Hitler should have exterminated these brown monkeys instead of the Jews.

  11. I fooking laughed when people voted Manny Pacquiao, and some famous celebrities as their politicians expecting them to help and give them money when they become politics. When they make mistakes you mock them. You can’t even take a joke from foreigners whenever there is about Filifino involved while you guys make fun of filifino with dark skin, dialect and not- so-your-standard-looking-people. How pity, I’m a Filifino but an open-minded one not so blind by pride and not very egotistical person. I strive to learned new things and accept criticism about us, Filifino’s flaws. Sheesh, even us can be racist. Why do fellow Filifino (women) prefer white skin over their natural skin even they’re born with it? At least American follow law/rules while we Filifino don’t, even a simple rule of no jaywalking they cannot bother to follow, I mean what’s the point of having a pedestrian lane when filifino prefer using the method of jaywalking. Don’t throw trashes yet they throw everywhere despite there is a garbage can. What’s the use of bus stop sign when stupid passengers and bus driver didn’t even bother to follow? Why we make fun of foreigners when you can’t even take their joke? We call the, racist, rich people, snobber and etc, just because they’re foreigner does mean they’re fooking rich! They’re also average people living in a simple life, working hard, earned salary and make a bank account for savings while you guys didn’t bother to learn their background story or see the fact that not all of them are rich because they have green money. You mostly likely don’t study the other country’s life because you only see what Philippines’ social media showed (GMA, ABS-CBN and TV5) I mean seriously watching pur fellow Filifino marrying foreigner having a money and good house and all you think ‘She married to a rich foreigner’, do you even bother to questioned that did she/he married the foreigner with love or just for their “green money”? And many more. According to sayings, when people don’t follow a simple guidelines most like won’t be successful and voila! Philippines is stupid and can’t be as successful asian country as China, Japan and Korean if they keep having a crab mentality. Next time open your perspective and don’t be narrow minded than being a sensitive butthurt! No wonder Filifino with common sense prefer living other country than their own country because they had enough of their fellow filifino stupidity except those who had a mentality foreigner are their savior of poverty. You, my fellow brother, had a fooking crab mentality that need to be remove. Filifino can be stupid when they aren’t rational, prideful, sensitive bitches, can’t admit mistakes, cannot accept their flaws and can’t take a reality when being criticised. You insult GMA, ABS-CBN lack of creativity and talents they bash you, – you insult their person and make fun of them they bash you,you criticize them they bash you and they insult other people they laugh, they’re degrading they agreed, they criticize you they mostly agreed also. So tell me, how come our country still not innovated or succesful when other Asian country still flourished even Japan and Korea is smaller than Philippines?

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